"Maybe I'm" lyrics


"Maybe I'm"

Maybe I'm confused, don't know what to do
Maybe I'm just blind, looking into your eyes

And all around me I cannot feel anything
this life of matrix can't be real

Cause I've been living in a dream world
I'm sick of this place I just need to escape right now
And I've been thinking of you girl
with all my mistakes I can't wait for the day I'm yours

Well maybe I feel used, always searching for you,
neglected and abused,
still I am one and you are two

And all around me I can not feel, anything,
this life of a matrix can't be real

Through all of this darkness we have overcome
has been shown through everything we have done,
its true, its sad, that you are the one,
who keeps me warm, act's as my sun
act's as my sun..

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