"You" lyrics



I wanna hate you but I knew you'd do it too
So I'll just keep
Hating myself
For what I put myself through
For you
I try to run but you keep
Calling me calling me
Baiting me weighting me
Waiting for the minute I turn
And then you turn away again

If you wanted a friend
You should have said so back then

And I hate sex
And I hate love
But mostly I hate when I mix them up
So go get her

Someone beautiful
Someone wonderful
Someone you can hold
High above your head
Someone you adore
Who can give you more
Not just another whore
Not just another friend
The end

I think you're beautiful
I think you're wonderful
And I'll always hold you
High above my head
You're who I adore
But I can't give you more
I'm just another whore
I'm just another friend

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