"The Rhyme" lyrics


"The Rhyme"

Why do I waste my time writing love songs
The people of the world
They dance to enough songs
It always feels the same
Like I've no one left to blame - but myself
I look around - I know it's been too long
I hug the ground and pray that I'm so wrong
Don't wanna face the truth
Because it's always up to you -your call
I'm always ready to walk
But I can see you'd like to talk
Well you've got it
But I already know all the words to this song
I know I know
It's you and not me
I know I know
It'll be okay
I know I know everything you can say
I know I know
You wanna make it easy
I know I know
And it makes me sick
I know I know
That your so full of it
So why do I waste my time?
Well I can't find no reason
But I always find the rhyme
When I can't find no reason
I just find the rhyme
When I can't find no reason I find the rhyme

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