"The Journal" lyrics


"The Journal"

I got this invitation in the mail today
You must have really gone
Out of your way yeah
Did you even think that I would go
After so many years of putting up with your show
I thought I drew a line in the sand one day
Thank you very much for a sweet birthday
You wrote about it in your diary
How soft and firm her skin was
I lost it all to you on page 13
You fell in love with me on 17
I turned to 21 and hit the floor
On page 23 I realized you're a whore
All I could tell you on the telephone
Was "Say it ain't so Serpico"
Is there anything else I said
Or maybe something I haven't read
I knew I drew a line in the sand one day
Get your little girl out of my way
You wrote down all the ways I couldn't compare
With her big blue eyes and her long blonde hair

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