"Bonita" lyrics



When you looked down at me I knew you were not mine
And I was sorry that I fell into my own lies
I know you'll never feel the same way about me
I wish that I could walk away that easy
A proper fool I played for you
But now it's I who
Has to move on, get lost or stay and watch you - oh no
They say that things like this just take a little time
I say it took away the best thing in my life
Bonita's Crying
Because you lied
And now for sure I know the rules because of you
I won't be coming for my stuff anytime soon
I forget that when it's cold it's never cool
If there's a place in hell for me it's next to you
I don't know why you'd start to cry
When it's I
Whose chest is caving in
Who's left behind
Don't you think that if it hurts it could be wrong
Another day, another boy, another song
Bonita's crying
Because you lied

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