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Can this scene be laid to rest?
Get rid of the family crest,
that separates the prominent from those who want to be noticed.
When the kids are the ones, question decisions,
who beg to be different.
But they can't accept the fact, that everyone's not like them
that everybody can express themselves in a way that they can't,
can we learn to coexist? In a place where all the cliques
have their own thoughts, their own opinions being put in their heads.
Well I will take a stand, I will face everybody with a chance
Of not being accepted, we need to accept
this shit has to change, when you lose the meaning of what you love
and make it everything that you hate, it begins, to lose its fun.
Have you lost all of your heart and reason?
Just wanting people to see them.
Let's fight against the regulations, look out for everybody's obligations
Let's create something great,
Let's create something.
So where is the freedom that's in all of this?

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