"Winter" lyrics



So maybe I will find a broken place to call my throne.
They say home is where the heart is, but mine is made of stone.
And I've walked 50 miles to hear the child's voice.
And at that it's pretty faint, I wasn't given a choice.
Pacing and pondering, no sleep and wandering around,
Oh this isn't what we had in mind.
I guess we'll take it day by day,
and I'm not sure exactly if I'll go or if I'll stay.
(A thin wall that's keeping me from all these consistencies I have,
It's what we've waited for, for all of our lives.
And I'm gonna try to bend or break you, and if a leave a scratch,
I'm certain I can charge right through.)
Bring me back to my slumber, my dreams are what cause me to wonder.
Savor all the memories, block out all the enemies.
Wake up in a cold, cold sweat, screaming.
And I guess it's what we call redemption,
the sad thoughts in my mind I forgot to mention.
The familiar realm is seeming, to be the escape that I've been needing.
These substances, These crutches.
And I'm still standing on my own two feet,
so many souls I have yet to meet.
I've gone to the greatest lengths to put the past behind me.
To put the past behind me.

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