"White Roses" lyrics


"White Roses"

Well I live in fear, will you ever live the lies you let down?
Saying you won't is a statement that we can live by.
The five simple words she spoke, It ate away inside.
But somehow she treated it like a joke.
Like a show on rerun, or my last meal.
It's not you, it's me.
The sunrise, the sunset, please rest.
Please stop, you're taking this way too far.
I told you one thousand times, and the answer is always no.
Palms sweaty, nervous and insecure.
You make me uncomfortable, you make me feel so unsure.
Please think of something to say to me.
Arise these eyes.
Every tear you cried, I'll be there when the sun shines.
I'll steer clear, far away from the current, but sadly
the current is what brings me home,
safe, awake, but scared to face the world in front of me.

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