"Transgressions" lyrics



Do you even know what you're fighting about?
The far trailing shadow of a true friend.
Don't tell me that you got fucked over,
the truth is only so far away from reality.
So bring all your friends, bring them with pride.
You can tell them what happened, there's no place to hide.
We won't even care about your beliefs.
We'll just call you a pussy and rip off the sheets.
She wasn't even mine to begin with, and now she is free.
And you're no longer a friend to me.
I thought I knew you.
Cause beating you senseless is the right path to follow,
you preach about God but you can't seem to swallow,
the concept you spread is not the way you even live life.
My face is swollen, a knife in my back.
She's on the floor crying, facing the facts.
When jealousy takes over the mind,
you lose everything you never expected to leave behind.
I thought I knew you.

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