"This Is War, War Is Hell" lyrics


"This Is War, War Is Hell"

Welcome back.
It's been a while since I've seen you around.
And it's nice to have you back, it's alright,
I guess we all have a little liar in all of us, it's hard to escape.
You see, The devils got his hands wrapped around my throat,
and he's not giving in, he's not letting go.
When I see him in my sleep every night, I think I'll embrace him.
Because as bad as a figure that he's become,
at least I've got somebody to talk to.
My minds always racing, I can never sit still,
I've got this problem and it's making me ill.
But It's three in the morning now, I need to get sleep,
cause in a few hours the devil and I meet.
The pressures weighing down on me, it's weighing down on me.

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