"Street Kings" lyrics


"Street Kings"

She said I miss you son, on her hands and knees on the floor
She said I would not give this up, and once you get a taste
you come craving back for more.
This night is done for, It was mistaken when you said
I'll be here when you get back.
I would not lie to you, I swear.
What we had, mistaken for what was real.
Dearest if you stay I'll be here living a lie.
But darling If you go I'll be here broken, Empty inside.
I'd walk these streets for you,
Oh you know me, still, I'm the same.
The man inside me can't explain.
And there's nothing I can do but stay in this broken home.
Import crazy worthless lies,
and we'll live happily ever after in this thing we call a life.
It's now or never, what is it going to be?
A simple sentence I beg, a simple line is all I need.

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