"Spring" lyrics



(Yo estoy enfermo de tu mierda)
And I'm the son of a broken man,
but we're all born at one point or another,
And I've lived through droughts.
And we may not be proud, at least we feel something.
And I've gone through some hard times,
and some not so rough at all.
And I was given some advice before,
He'd say, "Never stay the same."
I said, "I'll never change."
They'd say, "Never stay the same."
I said, "I'll never change."
So I walked back to that place I call home.
And I'm Wandering by myself, all alone.
And I'm walking home, and I'm probably walking alone, I'm sorry.
My father cried, he didn't stop living.
and I said, "Get Back."
and I cried, but I wouldn't stop wondering how I felt.
I walked back.
So I went back to this day and age.
How can people even think like this?
And I've barely made it with bread, water and emptiness in my body.

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