"Ode To Bula/Flight Lessons" lyrics


"Ode To Bula/Flight Lessons"

Like a tower, I will stand

It's gonna take a hell of a lot to knock me down,
I'll stand strong, I am strong
and nothing's gonna hold me back..
These inhabitants are growing so rapidly around us
The time is ever long, and my grip is ever strong
My child sing this sad song,
The one that I taught you ever so long ago,
while I watch you fail.
Observing every footstep.
The small ones are so near, but the ones that matter most
Oh the ones that I hold dear.
The farthest away they've ever been in time.
We'll fall down in anguish at the end of the line
The farthest I've seen in my days as a man,
and time will make me the person I can't stand.
Your morals have changed, as long as you know your parents will forgive you.
Breaking down, the hardest part ain't always breaking up.
Let these tears flow, these waterfalls from your eyes are well deserved.
It's once in a lifetime, my friend.
Transforming my mind, my body and soul.
And gambling with dice, hoping that I role
the luckiest number, a chance that's so pure.
and lucky for me, I just cannot endure.
Pray for.
I deserve This.

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