"Humanity Is Sinking" lyrics


"Humanity Is Sinking"

The thoughts of these people around me are flawed.
Opinions like this are breaking the law.
Ignorance soars so high this morning.
(I feel the weight of this)
These words are all praised, oh so adoring.
You're stuck inside your shell. (Get the fuck out)
You think it's so nice (You better forget it)
You need to get a clue,
about your life.
You'll never find a devoted mind
to call out all the meaningless words of our times
This generation is making me faint,
everything that you say, you're seen as a saint
A robotic routine you wake up to
everyday you think it's so fucking true.
Well get ready, the day, it is new.
(I need to get out of this closed minded town.)
Rumors and Rumors and Rumors keep spreading around.
I need to get out.

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