"Hink Hall" lyrics


"Hink Hall"

This is the last time I'll put myself through this
I'll put you through this
The same thing that's happened the last couple months,
a reoccuring cycle of bliss.
Though I've seen the obscene of being the same,
I'll sing my praises and hope that one day,
these feelings will just fade, for I am the hunter and you are the prey.
From seeing the good in a free will subject.
Connections won't matter on this day.
The future won't be so sympathetic to my problems.
I know this will not last. Is this what you're looking for?
Someone to kick you when you're down.
When I'm on my high horse, wearing my crown
We'll look back at moments we've had in this town
So drown in surrounding this, a fake coat of happiness
A jacket of love and faith.

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