"Go West" lyrics


"Go West"

Small town lives, inflated problems
Overthinking ways in which we solve them
We must get out, we must leave town quiet.
For we are but specs in a land of giants.
My conscience, a blackened description.
Of how action occurs safely within
The boundries, The moving on, The memory, when times went wrong.
It wasn't that I didn't have regretful apologies.
It's just that there's no sane way to forgive me.
If humanity can't forgive what happens next,
then what's the point on a book on life?
A glorified text.
Meaningless means just this, take what you have and double it.
I read, I said all I could say.
I know it happens everyday.
I want to see the sentances come out of that sweet mouth.
And I'll forgive you my friend, but earning it back
I'll forgive you my friend but you've lost all touch.
And I'll forgive you my friend but earning it back is a must.

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