"Free Bird Part II" lyrics


"Free Bird Part II"

And as we stand in your driveway in fear,
the future and all that is near.
I still can't believe this. I am not a kid.
The beauty of youth is long gone, maturity has never seemed so wrong.
I miss innocence, I miss ignorance, I miss my backyard.
Memories of open fields, the scent of autumn still sticks out the strongest
and this will be the best summer of our lives.
As we screamed at the sun, apathy, the long hard drive.
I can't imagine a world in which consistant storms will be so missed.
But the rain and thunder look so glorious.
So I guess we'll just go with it.
And the grass never seemed so bland,
I'll grab my boy by the hand and tell him
to stay this way forever, and how much we loved him so.
And grandfather spoke too soon it seems.
When she left him, crushed perfect dreams.
So family came last, he died in his own past.
The liquid medicine he had, made everything seem so sad.
So we will drive into the unforgiving future,
and away from the distant past,
begin a new life time and think.
Let's savor, not make it quite as fast.
(Pushing past the last of fragments,
sad it is to be alone in this.
Beating me, it's beating me.
It separates a whole new day.
Im sad to let this go.
The world is waiting, my times up.
I never said I was ready to leave this behind.
I'm not sure)

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