"Fall" lyrics



The rain.
The rain's pouring down on everything I own.
(It's making a mark on the people I've known.)
I've got nobody, no captain to steer me.
(And I'm on the other side, nobody's near me.)
I see my old friends, not a nod or a wave.
(Oh it's been a while since we went away.)
She said, "Tonight I sleep alone like many nights before it.
I know it's not the same but my conscience can't ignore it."
I'm wandering around the town I used to know,
it's funny how my faith is high when my morals are so low.
I finally found a spirit to bring me back to base,
it's not what you expected, not a gender or a race.
(It always runs through my fingers.
I can sit around and linger,
but what the fuck will that get me?)
I see my mother looking down, she gives me a smile,
She says, Go ahead and live.
I saw this clearly now, that I'm not the one.
I've drawn out all my faults, and I blamed myself.
I took away my time, the anger melts away.

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