"Drench" lyrics



You’ve probably heard me sing it in a few songs of the past,
And it seems like i live it day by day
It’s my own fault.
This story is no different from the last.
But i still feel like I’m stuck, stuck in a rut.
I’m becoming a little jaded now.
But there's still a ray of hope.
A few things that are keeping me satisfied.
And when the season comes to an end, just leave me behind.
I’ll say goodbye, one last time. Say goodbye, say goodbye.

The interstate is awfully quiet and empty tonight
I’ll say goodbye one last time, say goodbye, say goodbye
As my skin grows older,
I’ve come to realize that the best things in life are not
What you hope for.
They’re what suddenly grab you, surprise you
And once you can accept this, you'll soon achieve more
That smirk on my face that i gave you last year,
It’s fading.
I’m a goner, a loner. It’s getting darker. The curtain is closed.
And I’m leaving you to fend, on your own.
Guess it was the only solution.
But you'll never know.
Will you?

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