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I sat here all day, thinking of nothing not doing a damn thing. But I lay here at night dreaming of one day amounting to something. And we spend way too much time convincing ourselves that there's just not enough. Tonight I'm living my life and telling the future to shut the fuck up. Where does time go? Shit if I know. I'm not quite sure how to focus on one thing my mind keeps on racing. These responsibilities keep piling up, breaking, and reaccumulating. I'm not quite sure that I can make it out alive. I'm over committing and frankly neglecting the things that make my life worth living. Why can't I say no? Just fucking say no. I vie for time. A constant fight over minutes and seconds and over the pace and intensity of work schedules and over the weeks and the days all those moments that fade away. I need some time to unwind let tonight be my escape.

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