"T.V. Media Mass Murder Celebrity" lyrics


"T.V. Media Mass Murder Celebrity"

freeway killer guns down two, latest fashion distraction news came from nowwhere to give us all a fright forgotten tomorrow but for tonight he´s a T.V. media mass-murder celebrity. Emma Guck died one day, five a nightly bombardment of noxious news. The information explosion blasts our brains filling it with facts on fashion and fame, useless litterances of trivial tripe to help us forget our tedious life ... a girl was raped, no names please, the grisly facts are all we need horror and disgust are on what we feed... forget politics and the state of the nation, just soak up the sex and degradation, a small child murdered on vacation is the top –selling sado-sex sensation +chorus bit+ I´ve heared the revolution won´t be televised, well they´ve already bought the rights and advertised. soon to be appearing on your T.V. screen sit back and relax you won´t have to do a thing.

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