"Up 'Till Now" lyrics


"Up 'Till Now"

maybe something you'll be something
but i know i can make it
no regrets until this day, life couldn't get better for me
no way
fold up now from what you speak
i know you think it's all a waste
i won't turn back' cause nothing else is true
i try convincing
all you know is your own way
so you rule me out in assumptions
go on and say the things you do
it's comforting to you
i've got everything i need
i am complete, your lifestyle does nothing for me
difference of opinions
tradition is concrete in your mind
you ride it
common interest
still such difference
between how we live our lives
you ride it out, you're missing out
i'm trying hard to have a mark
i missed again
i can' give up
it's what i am
it's where i'm at
i give it all
i still get pushed back
at least try
the things i've seen
i can't complain about the way it's been
up 'till now
i recognize me
still you seem blind
to what's inside, you don't realize
up 'till now
what you're missing
maybe someday i'll be something
complaint i won't regret

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