"Perfect, Plastic" lyrics


"Perfect, Plastic"

stare at me and talk down
you think you're better and it shows
built yourself a plastic life
for perfect living
let yourself into my world
then condemn my different views
understand nothing of me
surrounded by expenses for nothing
expenses to shows that life's worth your time
exterior reaffirm
your perfect throne
you're better than ever
you've got more to show
that life's worth your time
fearing that poverty
will force feed you to realize
building a concrete moat
to keep scum from your side
not thinking
you're so wrong misery
there's a rise in the pressure
no support from possessions
now convinced with your credit
you'll find a way to buy yourself
some time disaligned in need of protection
from yourself humanity's
one step away now locked
from your show home perfect world
and from your perfect ways

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