"Doin' Fine" lyrics


"Doin' Fine"

i start to think a lot about what i did
but not what i would say
my friend, it's not what they told me
had allot of shit go down but in the final stage
you wanted me just to say, i've done my all
now i'm stable
now that the cards are on the table
well all was said in decent taste
all i needed was some distance and space, a mess
a lesson is learned
alot of people knocked it but what they'd see was
different from what you'd say
you'd say i can't understand why you don't come to visit
get on with your life, you can't understand...
that i'm doin' fine this time, i don't really care
what you say no more now that i see
what was distant from me, not going to wake up
doing fine this time
that could be why you are here no more
things for you went wrong this time
you want it more than i do
something changed along these lines
you needed it more than i did

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