"Take Control" lyrics


"Take Control"

From chasing dreams
Oh the things that I've seen
The story of lovestruck teens
To unlit rooms where they cook with a spoon
So far beyond a game

Hopelessly taking through aching and craving
The days on the foil chasing highs
Decision seems easy, you don't make it freely
It's burning through their veins

Jen & Joe they sing the same sad song
We all know where the money's gone
to chasing highs when they're living low
They don't even wanna know

Their eyes go brown, they go downtown
Days turn to weeks
The time will come to drop and run
So land on your feet
Don't fade away, find a way
To try and take control
Choose today because if you stay
You'll never be the same

Their eyes grow weary in the morning sun
Trace the point where it all went wrong
When they inject all the junk they stole
Try to hear me now
Try to hear this: Take Control

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