"Washington And East" lyrics


"Washington And East"

Out on the corner of Washington and East Street
I laid my head face down on the concrete
I hate to say, but it's always a long way down
Twenty-three is such a strange time for men like me
I'm fighting between the means to see my goals reached
And where I know I wanna be
I've got these splitting headaches almost every day
The pressure to conform is like glass about to give way
Last night, I needed a place to overthink and rest
So I went
It'd be so easy to approach this life with a dormant mindset
Aching to leave, but avoiding the answers
A walking double standard
I can't rely on these surroundings to guide me
When all that they stand for is fallbacks and settling
Last night, I put every ounce of faith in my two hands
And my time spent
And I could never cash in or bail out of what I know I'm meant to be
When I see all these unhappy people, wishing they could go back on choices made
If there's one thing that I could drive into your head, it is
It'll never come easy, but do what you love and fuck the rest
I laid my head face down on the concrete, it's a long way down
Out on the corner with a splitting headache
I told myself that I'd never admit defeat
I hate to say but it's always a long way down

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