"Stuck On The Outside" lyrics


"Stuck On The Outside"

Why am I always the pawn?

Why am I always the pawn?
The vulnerable one stuck on the outside, when you cut me out
Expendable. But then again, I've always felt alone.
Then again, I've always felt alone.

I'm moving forward and you're taking steps back.
This ran its course, but now you're fucking with my head.
So don't say, "I'll see you around" when we both know
The first chance I get, I'll rip your eyes right out.

And now I'm the one making the moves
Because you failed to see this through
You left out the precious details. Is this what you call the truth?
I can't say that I don't miss you, but it's just the idea
Of being comfortable, and how suddenly you burned it all away

Then again, I've always felt alone.
Once again, I'm alone. I'm alone. I'm alone.

The last time we spoke,
You told me you'd see me when you came home.
Now that you're back, you're someone that I don't know.
If this is how it feels when your true colors show,
I think I'd rather be alone.

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