"Sad Days With Patty Mayonnaise" lyrics


"Sad Days With Patty Mayonnaise"

When do you think you'll learn your lesson?
Your stature as a friend lessens with every bad decision.
And I can't seem to shake the sinking feeling that,
like an old toy, you pack us all away and forget.

I watch your friends walk out in front of you.
There's nothing left to say, it's all been used.
I watch the screen go black in front of you.
There's nothing left to see, it's nothing new.
This is nothing new.

I'm sorry I'm so unapologetic towards the way we treated you.
Because, to be fair, you brought this on yourself.
It was a privilege you abused. Drained it of all you take, take, take.
And somehow we're to blame.

That's when the truth showed through.
No one plays the role of the fool quite as well as you.

You don't really know a single thing about me, don't pretend like you do.

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