"Own The Town" lyrics


"Own The Town"

There's a party on tonight
But it ain't as cool as us, no
Cause we've got our game faces on
All the time
You know we mean business
And we won't stop 'til we get it

I hope you know you mean the most
With our luck I think we all know

Tonight we own the town
We'll show this city just what we're made of
Tonight could be our night
Let's show these people just what we're made of

She's the one across the room
With the walnut brown hair
You've been staring down for hours
You look there, she looks back
You feel the butterflies attack
[Both] Don't we all feel invincible?

Here's to good company
Won't you drink to that?
Here's to the friends that last forever
Oh yeah, I'll drink to that

This is the night we take back for good
Hold your drinks in the air like you know you should
This is our town, this is our town
Feel the words you're singing out
Shout out loud when I say
This is our town, this is our town

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