"Encino Man" lyrics


"Encino Man"

My mind has been waiting on my sleeve
For my heart to tell me 'anything's within reach'
We grow up so fast, sometimes we tend to forget
The lifelong pursuits we set for ourselves at ten

Some may say that we're diving in so blindly
We're going off nothing safe or concrete
But at least we're doing something
What I need is an escape from the monotony
Of all the payroll and the courtesy
We're taking this life for ourselves

Carry your dreams beyond your twenty-somethings
We all come so far to be held down by the weight of the world
I push out from underneath to have it fight next to me
As I spill my guts to you, we're building a legacy

Twelve years of daydreaming I would be here
And all that time, I kept my goals high and clear
Stay focused, it's all a means to an end
My mother told me, 'You've got it in you'
I'll never forget anything she said

Carry your dreams

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