"Dream Big" lyrics


"Dream Big"

'Dream big, kid', someone said
Three words I'll never forget
They made me who I am
And I haven't looked back since
Got my picks, I'm good to go
Found the words to really hit home
My friends and I, we're on the road
We'll see the dinosaurs at the next show

After everything, the shit we've been through
We always come right back
After all the curves that life throws our way
I still fall back on the words you said, "Dream big"

People grow and people change
Times in their lives fade away
Memories come and memories leave
Til all that's left is the dreams that make me
Take a step back and realize
You're not the only ones with them kept inside
We let it out to the ears we found
And we watched as the music took back the town

After countless nights of singing crowds
We know this is who we are

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