"Colorblind" lyrics



Featuring Daniël de Jongh

We all stand as one.

This is not a cause for misunderstanding.
Let our voices from the first to the last be
heard as one, and let them be righteous.

We declare this cause to let the world be colourblind.
So let the world be colourblind.
We declare this cause so raise your colours high.
Raise your colours high, make them fear your rise.

Take your stand with pride, in the face of the unforgiving.

So take your chance, tonight we’re breaking the ties, shake up the lies.
Won’t you aim your arrows high, open your eyes, it’s time to change this state of mind.

You are not alone.
Take the covers from your ears, take the blinders from your eyes.
Take the covers from your ears, and wake up to the sound of fearfulness.
Take the blinders from your eyes.

Fear not, for we are the difference.
If only you’d listen close.
It’s only a breath away.

So speak, what lies in your heart tonight.
You’ll know for it’s been inside.
All this time.
We all stand as one

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