"A New State Of Mind" lyrics


"A New State Of Mind"

Forcing your thoughts on others, has never worked.
Even fools should know, fools should know.
Taking steps to prove your lack of judgement.
Onto better days, these better days must come.

Did you ever realize that eyes will see.
Only when you use your mind, set it free.

Now you’ve turned it all around on me?

I never saw this coming.
I never saw this one coming.

Now you’ve turned it all around on me

I will never forget.
Now I’m the cause of it all.

The days turned to night as we were reaching for the world.
Believing without knowing, what tomorrow will bring.
Believe it.

Here in our darkest moments,
we see the brightest lights.
Give us sense and purpose,
another state of mind.

Do you really think I’m moving on, while I’m still standing here?
Do you really think I forgot about who we were?

Through the darkest nights,
we’ll stand ignited.

I hope you know
the fire’s burning.

Does it hurt
when you see us passing by?
we’ll give respect,
once you fucking earn it.

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