"Valentine's Day" lyrics


"Valentine's Day"

And I know we've had some hard times
But let me assure you that I'm done with speaking words
That mean nothing
And I've said it all along but fuck I'll write it in a song
Just for you

I've learned that words are to easy
And I've learned words are to easy

This is a one way ticket for the last train home
It's fine I can celebrate this fake ass holiday on my own
Why do we keep putting ourselves through this love
It's only gonna make things harder to prove
That we've got nothing to lose
So just hold it steady
It's a thirty story drop
From the top to the bottom we'll never make it if we stop

I keep thinking back to when we first met
I know this town will never change
neither will the sound of your voice saying my name

Yet I feel like a broken record
Just spinning around that same old track
So let's sink or swim or live to love
I promise that I won't back down

And I
Love seeing your face when I come home
Because home is where you are

And all we have has come to this
And I'm learning that love is cancerous
But if I had the chance to do it all again
I'd use every last breath to keep singing

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