"The Accident" lyrics


"The Accident"

This road I took with you and me,
Couldn't be the one to set me free,
From the fears to crash into a wall,
to a thousand pieces,

From the start the confidence raised high,
we couldn't know that it could die,
I'm way to ignorant to see,
it was another dead end.

We're driving faster, I know
Speed bumps, road signs, inevitable
Never wanna hit the breaks
The accident falls right in it's place

I can't believe
That the headlights will be the last thing I'll see
A cry for help
Which saved my life
Roll down the window, push your seat back slowly
We'll give some time
To make this last

We approach the road that ends our sight,
Still you're not giving up the fight,
The only thing you want right now is just,
to drag me in this.
Speed up speed up is left to do,
It's so unfair that I'm here with you.
I realise the facts and take a deep breath,
as I look death in the eyes.

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