"Life Of Brian" lyrics


"Life Of Brian"

He was a f*cking little c*nt, just a stinking little runt
I see his kind is all the same, he only did it cause of fame, who?
Ian Stewart, Ian Stewart, Ian Stewart (?)

He thought he had the suss, but he did not fool us
We know he was just sick, he didn't even have a prick, who?
Ian Stewart, Ian Stewart, Ian Stewart (?)

He would have been crucified, and that's why he never died
and now he rides again, will he ever get ahead? Never, ever, ever...

I thought that he was faking, but he was just money-making
You do not believe he was for real, or else he'd lose his cheap appeal
You can't judge a man by his smell, or the color of his face as well
Ian Stewart, Ian Stewart, Ian Stewart (?)

On with a lovely performance, and when he pulls the trigger on the gun (?)
That was just one reason, Ian Stewart's just a f*ckin' wank

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