"No Control" lyrics


"No Control"

No sex, no drugs - no control
No sex, no drugs - no control

When she felt so alone she wanted someone
To hold so close and to embrace her soul
So she met this boy, believed the stories
He told her about the lust he called love

Everybody is taking their chances
Everybody is getting their thrills
Everybody wants to dance with the devil
But no one wants to pay the bill

He wants to get away, away from it all
So he slams some beer to feel like a man
"Dear father, dear mother
I hate myself for being who I am"

Disgrace, descendence, CHANGES means independence
Marks may differ but we deliver
Value-driven we're going against the grain
The hopeless, the homeless, you're part of the CHANGES
The soundtrack of progress
Of changing lives and breaking free

No sex, no drugs - no control
No sex, but love - no control
No sex, no drugs - no control
No drugs, but life - no control

Thanks to xGabrielzx for these lyrics

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