"Masquerades" lyrics



Another night on the stage
The club's the world to which you relate
Laughter and beer, there's everyone here
A kiss, a hug, who's kissing butt?

Masquerades - boring escapades
Masquerades - you juts imitate
Masquerades - you think you relegate, yet you over,
You over, you overestimate yourself

You wear a mask
Wanna have a blast
Feeling superior to all the rest
To the world you may seem best of the best
But not to me

Your list of friend
Seems to expand without an end, without an end
Your blog, your pics, your site, your bits
Your virtual life counts thousands of hits

All I see, all I see
Doesn't count a thing for me
I wanna know, wanna know
The truth about you, the truth about you

You just act and talk about you are saying nothing
As long as you disguise yourself as somebody else
What is the worth of trimming your sails to the wind?
Come back and say hi when you demasked yourself

Thanks to xGabrielzx for these lyrics

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