"Don't Lose Hope" lyrics


"Don't Lose Hope"

Years have passed and I'm still here
While you doffed your shirt and you disappeared
Now, who's wrong and who's right?
Who made the break just in time?
Some call me a kid, some call me grown old
Learn to count before you sell my soul
I still got music and I still got friends
Stage dives, high fives, X on my hand

Keep holding on - woohoo
You're not alone - woohoo
Keep sailing on -woohoo
You're not alone, you're not alone

Don't lose hope - this scene should not be elitist
Don't lose hope - we have to offer an alternative
Don't lose hope - a place where you and me can co-exist
Don't lose hope, don't lose hope
Don't lose hope - our convictions might be different ones
Don't lose hope - but this diversity makes us strong
Don't lose hope - the bond we share keeps spinning on
Don't lose hope

Yes, I admit that I've been down
Lost the connection, got sick of the sound
Thought that the scene is always the same
And that if I'd change I could no remain
Well, 10.000 miles I had to go
To meet the right people to see that I was wrong
They showed me that this means the world to me
Thank you for being the hope of the scene

Young kids that are filled with doubt
Boys and girls that cannot cope
We have gotta show 'em that there is hope

Thanks to xGabrielzx for these lyrics

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