"Beef Curtains" lyrics


"Beef Curtains"

We fail to question, what's in our mouths?
What is this piece of flesh i consume and digest?
Packaged and classified as just a piece of meat..
Physically molded so it's easier to eat.

Well, I ain't no activist and I ain't preaching any cause,
It's just a realization questioning our moral flaws.
Ronald McFuckhead finds a way to stick his fingers in the colon..
of a generation raised to consume while our dignity is stolen!

There's so much meat left to kill!

We fail to question, Why does human..
..Kill and eat what ever we possibly can?
And if that food has a dissatisfying taste,
We spit it out and let the murder go to waste!

Well, the human race is ignorant. It's sad but it's a fact.
Senseless killing makes up for the brains that we all lack.
Oh, It's a tragedy whenever there's an animal attack..
But then we hunt and kill for sport, now what the fuck is up with that?

We're hypocrites!

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