"Old Number 7" lyrics


"Old Number 7"

and so I offer you this thank you
which will never do justice
to the weight of the epiphany
that I now hold in my heart
that the single importance of breathing
is to love with every breath
yet the world takes this for granted
and unknowingly chokes to death
their selfish eyes are bigger than their lungs
but I will do my best to respirate them
with every word I have sung

I remember the nights we spent out on that deck
lost everything you gave me
but that sense of youth stays
fresh on the stems of colored leaves
that fall to the ground
I'm drowning in a culture
of thieves who never deserved you
I hope that you can hear me
I've preserved an artwork of fragments in time
whole catalogues of positivity
thoughts you shared with me
in my mind

but beyond this flesh and blood
we will meet again
this loss of life holds no weight in words
a life too innocent for earth

so thank you for showing me
something that should never need to be shown

I set my eyes to the sky
and I know that you're with me
here with me
thank you for teaching me to breathe again
and of course for that last
old number seven

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