"Heads Of Straw" lyrics


"Heads Of Straw"

in a sense we all must guess
at the questions we have come to ask
as we face floods of uncertain facts
we wear these masks that counteract
the light shining in
i'm clawing at my own facade
try to rip away the perfect cloth
from my skin

innocence is ignorance
you fight for others' lack of rights
with glass pouring out your mouth
death of a child
thrown into this world
unnatural states of minds
and girls will be girls
boys will be boys
binary dichotomy
by the time we learned to speak
we'd forgotten how to share

fuck your inherited faith
a life led by conviction
renders belief addictive
if public opinion
leaves no room
for creative vision

caught between sleep and death
we try our best to salvage what's left
to be true in every sense
as I tear down remnants of illusion
no need for confusion, it's as simple as it seems
fight for truth until there's nothing left of me

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