"Bookburner" lyrics



a pawn amongst pawns
breathing the power that you stole
'heroes' are made by consensus of the whole
preserver, protector
took an oath to serve yourself
and what you own
with the rest of us left in your scope
I want to see you fall
trampled by the feet
that walk steady on the streets
you once controlled
a pawn amongst pawns

the use of other's minds
for validation of one's own selfish needs
this is an act of plight

I feel the warmth of sun again
I scaled the walls that kept us fenced
in this dream of equality
I'll beat the flood of lies and sing in stinging rain
I'll come out clean with much more than your name
we'll sink the ship and claim harbor
I won't bow down to dollars
I won't deny what's real
your wage consists of the rights you steal
so don't wonder why
you can't feel

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