"You With Me" lyrics


"You With Me"

I know you told me to get help from someone help from something,
I know you told me do it soon.
But I proceeded to yell words I wish that I did not know,
Pointing fingers at you.
You see these thoughts come from the tick that’s in the back of my head,
Telling me what to do.
It’s got its own ideas of my life and it also has,
It’s own opinion of you.

These voices in my head are calling.
They’re telling me to leave.
I’ve got to write them off or something,
Cause I still see you with me.

I know you told me that we can go work this whole thing out,
Everything will be okay.
But then those feelings in my head decide to come out,
Telling me to run away.

But I’m stronger, I’m stronger than that and you know it.
You know it enough to believe my promise,
Believe what I have to say.

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