"The California Bigfoot Sighting Of 2008" lyrics


"The California Bigfoot Sighting Of 2008"

From all that I remember, you look so good last night.
I hope it wasn’t just the liquor that made you look so nice
You see, your clothes they come off easy like you’ve done this before.
I’m not saying that you’re easy, but your pants are on my floor.

But if you remember the stars are bright every night,
Then you’ll remember that we can escape this.
That was September, we still have time to make it right.
No turning back now, I know that we can make this.

And all these sleepless nights are taking a toll,
And being with you beats being alone.
So don’t you stop baby cause we’re on a roll.

When I woke up the next morning you were still by my side
My friends gave me all their warnings, but I’ll shrug it off this time.
And now I’m having second thoughts to what all this could mean
I’m slightly nervous of the outcome and all the madness in-between.

I’m not alone

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