"Revelations" lyrics



The system has been hacked, so just sit back and relax.
Let me take control of the tree of your soul.
I’ll teach you all I know and watch you as your grow.

So wont you knot up all your laces and throw on your coldest faces,
You and me will hit the streets.
I’ll show you what you need to do and exactly how you need to do it,
It’s all within reach.
Wont you open up the door and throw yourself into the storm,
You are now a machine.
An apparatus for reaction, turn my thoughts right into action as you stand before me.

The building has been breached so drop down to your knees.
Then we’ll steal what’s theirs, confused in mindless stares.
Laying back defenseless and now our attack is relentless.
Their minds are now our own, machines for our control.

I swear I tell the truth even though I bare no proof.
So take in all these words and show me where it hurts.
There’s nothing I can fix, no repairing all of this.

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