"It's Okay If Michael Phelps Does It" lyrics


"It's Okay If Michael Phelps Does It"

Hoping that you'll listen but we all know that you won't.
It's way too crowded here,
Don't make a scene my dear.
I'm listening to what you say,
How you won't look the other way.
My time has come, it's time to pay up for what I've caused.
I'm in too deep,
You're pushing down on me, but for some reason I don't care.

Hold me back before I go do something you won't like.
These chains can't hold me back much longer.

I know I appear to be something you may want.
I may be quite amusing, but I turn into a monster (monster).
You see me turn into a monster (monster).
So you'd better run.

Reaching out to grab you,
I can't stop myself at all.
If I could silence you, then there would be no dues,
Left for me and I would be free, Looking past this catastrophe,
Abandoned my whole family so I could get out alive,
And I would make it fine, and I'd start looking for number three.

Hold me back girl, don't let me in this time.
I don't wanna win, I don't wanna fight.
(Why can't I get it?)
(You'll see my turn into a monster)

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