"Isla Vista" lyrics


"Isla Vista"

I cannot sleep cause of you,
There’s nothing I can do about this feeling of loss and doubt.
I’m always tossing and turning,
My body is burning,
And no substance can put me out.

Well the west coast - it calls me back but I can’t seem to find my way.
And the east coast - it’s kind of comfy, so I think I’d rather stay.

I think I’m losing you to California.

I still can’t sleep cause of you,
And the smart thing to do is to call you and blow it off.
To travel across the country would mean almost nothing,
Let’s face it this shit’s got to stop.

You know it’s not that bad stuck here on Newton Ave.
Tucked away in the Garden State.
But now I’m losing sleep thinking of Clifford Street,
And how I wish we could have stayed.

I think I’m losing you to California.
(Losing to Cali)

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