"The Spark (1902)" lyrics


"The Spark (1902)"

Before the dawn is when it seems most cold.
But as sure as the sun rises in the east, we know that
the stream of evolution is a constant flow,
and the current evolution says that I should really go.

Don't you know that every seed wants to grow?
We can't stay underground forever.
They can cut us off as soon as we begin to show.
What they don't know is that the roots still grow.

When the roots pop up... [repeat]

They can try with all of their might to push us down to the ground,
but I know we'll be all right (right?)
They mean to break my spirit through this exile,
but I can use this time to further refine and fortify my style.

The world that we're all living in is in need of a plan for the brotherhood of man.
So I'm off and running fast as I can, and the antidote I'm bringing is the pen in my hand.

We're finally doing all the things we were meant for!
We're finally saying all the things we should say!

Thanks to Sidney and Poncho for these lyrics

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