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I'm always looking at the worst side of everything, pointing the finger at anyone and anything. Clench my teeth, bite my tongue until I can't speak. Lay in bed, burn my eyes into the ceiling. Now I'm fading quick, losing feeling. My mind's so racked with hate, so misleading...the worst part's that I'm losing touch with everything that brought out the best in me. I think and think and think, and I think 'til I can't sleep. It's so hard to move for change under these burdens that I keep. I'm used to putting myself in a corner and falling short, despite my best intentions. Inconsolable and unwilling...the lines in my forehead leave a permanent crease. Can anyone tell me why I feel so fucking weak? (When push comes to shove and I've pushed everyone away, the world it moves around me as I am left here in its wake.) Yeah, when push comes to shove and the ink's dried on the page, I'll sing this song of how life is long, how the wounds close eventually. I'll say, "I'm not gonna die this way! No, I'm not gonna die this way!" And so I sing to learn to let go, to set the demons aside, let my colors show. I sing to move the world around me, I sing to let love consume me. So let love consume me and let the pain pass right through me. This is where I draw the line, so long and goodbye.

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